Montgomery County Executive’s Awards

The start of the annual Executive’s Ball in 1986 began with recognizing and supporting exceptional arts and humanities vision and leadership in the County.

Since 1996 the County Executive has formally recognized the accomplishments and dedication of organizations and artists in Montgomery County. This year we will again honor a dedicated and visionary organizations and individuals who help to make our arts and humanities community vital.

For information about the Executive’s Awards, please visit the Arts and Humanities Council website at:

Nominations closed in July.

Below is a list of past winners.

We will honor this year’s winners at Roundhouse Theatre in Bethesda, on Monday, November 6, 2017 at 7 PM. 

2016 Recipients

Lifetime Achievement Award: Lila Oliver Asher, Visual Artist and Professor Emeritus

Lifetime Impact Award: Fran Ichijo, Hope Garden Children’s Ballet Theatre

Patron Award: Cathy Bernard, Round House Theatre

Community Leadership Award: Lisa Martin, Silver Spring Town Center

Community Impact Award: Adventure Theatre MTC

Education Award: Jacqueline Akhmedova, Akhmedova Ballet Academy

Emerging Leader Award: Jason Schlafstein, Flying V Theatre

Outstanding Artist Award: Anuradha Nehru, Kalanidhi Dance

Volunteer Award: Cliff Johnson and Margaret Roper, Olney Theatre Center


2015 Recipients

Lifetime Achievement Award: Millie S. Shott, Friendship Heights Village Center

Lifetime Impact Award: Joel Snyder, Audio Description Associates, LLC

Patron Award: Bob Buchanan, Buchanan Partners

Community Award: Jan Papirmeister, Youth Art for Healing

Education Award: Paul Carr, Jazz Academy of Music

Education Award: Randine Levy, Roberto Clemente Middle School

Emerging Leader Award: Jason Loewith, Olney Theatre Center

Outstanding Artist or Scholar Award: Christopher K. Morgan, Christopher K. Morgan & Artists

Volunteer Award: Dwain Winters, Washington Folk Festival


2014 Recipients

Lifetime Achievement Award: Richard Jaeggi, Gandhi Brigade*

Lifetime Impact Award: Bonnie Fogel, Imagination

Stage Patron Award: Kenny O’Brien, Music and Arts

Community Award: Ricardo Loaiza, After School Dance Fund, Inc.

Education Award: Adrienne Clancy, ClancyWorks Dance Company

Emerging Leader Award: Paula Ross, Metropolitan Ballet Theatre & Academy

Outstanding Artist or Scholar Award: Carien Quiroga, Visual Artist & Arts Educator

Volunteer Award: Jeff Struewing, Lumina Studio Theatre

*Awarded Posthumously


2013 Recipients

Lifetime Impact Award: Busy Graham, Community Arts Advocate

Lifetime Achievement Award: Nilimma Devi, Sutradhar Institute of Dance and Related Arts

Patron Award: Thomas D. Murphy, EagleBank

Community Award: Patricia Woolsey, ArtStream

Education Award: Betty Scott, Strathmore

Emerging Leader Award: Heena Genti, CREATE Arts Center

Outstanding Artist or Scholar Award: David R. Minton, Lumina Studio Theatre

Volunteer Award: Maritza Rivera, Mariposa Poetry


2012 Recipients

Lifetime Impact Award: Eliot Pfanstiehl

Lifetime Achievement Award: Carol Leahy

Patron Award: Robert Dohmen

Community Award: Honorable Jud Ashman, Gaithersburg Book Festival

Education Award: Claire Schwadron, Project Youth ArtReach of Class Acts Arts, Inc.

Emerging Leader Award: Jennifer Buzzell, Strathmore

Outstanding Artist or Scholar Award: Allan Stevens, the Puppet Co.

Volunteer Award: Alan Bowser, Silver Spring Town Center, Inc.


2011 Recipients

Lifetime Impact Award: Liz Lerman

Lifetime Achievement Award : William H. Graham, Sr.

Business or Individual Patron Award : Drs. Jeffrey and Carolyn Leonard

Community Award : Michael Friend, Soul  in  Motion

Education Award : John Taylor, The  Kinderman

Emerging Leader Award : Kenneth A. Oldham, Jr., National  Philharmonic

Outstanding Artist or Scholar Award : Christylez Bacon

Volunteer Award : Richard Spero, Baltimore Symphony  Orchestra at  Strathmore


2010 Recipients

Lifetime Impact Award: Carol Trawick

Lifetime Achievement Award: Tamar Hendel

Business or Individual Patron Award: The Morris & Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation

Community Award: Suzanne Richard, Open Circle Theatre

Education Award: Eve Burton, Montgomery County Public Libraries

Emerging Leader Award: Michael Bobbitt, Adventure Theatre

Outstanding Artist or Scholar Award: Shizumi Shiegeto Manale

Volunteer Award: Kenneth Rucker, National Capital Trolley Museum


2009 Recipients

Lifetime Achievement Award: Honorable Ida G. Ruben

Community Award: Katey Boerner, Glen Echo Park Partnership for Arts and Culture

Business or Individual Patron Award: David H. Langstaff

Emerging Leader Award: Ari Brooks, Friends of the Library

Education Award: Michael Piechocinski and Jane Walsh, Visual Arts Center at Albert Einstein High School

Outstanding Artist or Scholar Award: Mark Jaster, Happenstance Theatre

Volunteer Award: Clarence Hickey, Montgomery County Historical Society


2008 Recipients

Lifetime Achievement in the Arts Award: Fleur Bresler

Lifetime Achievement in the Humanities Award: Dr. Winston Anderson

Business Patron Award: Booz Allen Hamilton

Community Award: Joel Snyder, Audio Description Associates

Education Award: Susan Hoffman, Montgomery College, Rockville Campus

Outstanding Artist or Scholar Award: Chum Ngek

Volunteer Award: Ben Bialek, Glen Echo Park Partnership for Arts and Culture


2007 Recipients

Business Patron Award: The J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott Foundation

Community Award: Mary Kay Harper

Education Award: Ingrid Crepeau and Michele Valeri, DinoRock Productions

Outstanding Artist or Scholar Award: James Petosa

Volunteer Award: John L. Hoover


2006 Recipients

Individual Patron Award: Carol A. Trawick

Community Award: the Puppet Co.

Education Award: Yvonne Edwards

Outstanding Artist or Scholar Award: Piotr Gajewski

Volunteer Award: Wesley Paulson


2005 Recipients

Business Patron Award: The Geraldine and Howard Polinger Family Foundation

Community Award: David Eisner

Education Award: Tensia Fonseca

Outstanding Artist or Scholar Award: Peter Jablow


2004 Recipients

Business Patron Award: Carl M. Freeman Foundation and the Freeman Family

Community Award: Busy Graham

Education Award: Kathy Feininger

Outstanding Artist or Scholar Award: Ronnie Wells-Elliston

Volunteer Award: Cathy S. Bernard


2003 Recipients

Business Patron Award: Comcast Cable Communications

Community Award: Francoise Yohalem

Education Award: Komelia Okim

Outstanding Artist or Scholar Award: Carole Goodman

Volunteer Award: Jason Misner


2002 Recipients

Individual Patron Award: Paul Peck

Community Award: Diana Sáez

Education Award: Mary Ruth McGinn & Ellen Levine

Outstanding Artist or Scholar Award: Dr. Myrna Goldenberg

Volunteer Award: William Sher


2001 Recipients

Individual Patron Award: A. Mario Loiederman

Community Award: Theresa Cameron

Education Award: Michael D’Anna

Outstanding Artist or Scholar Award: Mollee Kruger

Volunteer Award: Carol Leahy


2000 Recipients

Business Patron Award: Chevy Chase Bank

Community Award: Paula Moore

Education Award: Dr. Irene Glaser

Volunteer Award: Dr. Winston Anderson


1999 Recipients

Business Patron Award: Sandy Spring National Bank

Community Award: Allan Lefcowitz

Education Award: Walter Bartman

Volunteer Award: Tina Martin & Mita Schaffer


1998 Recipients

Business Patron Award: Lockheed Martin

Community Award: Honorable William E. Hanna Jr.

Education Award: Chester J. Petranek

Volunteer Award: Eugene M. Smith


1997 Recipients

Individual Patron Award: The Gudelsky Family

Community Award: Jerry Whiddon

Education Award: Ruth Fishman

Volunteer Award: Ann Evry

1996 Recipients

Business Patron Award:Gazette Newspapers

Community Award: Eliot Pfanstiehl

Education Award: Bonnie Fogel